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Dream Hair by Ray Leah

Hot Pink - Flat Tip

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Hot Pink is Barbie’s Dream Colour

(a bit lighter/brighter than Fuchsia)

Type: 100% Remy Human Hair, Cuticle Intact
Tip: Flat Keratin Tip
Method: Hot Fusion
Weight: 1g per strand
Amount: 20-50 strands per package of 1g strands

What would I need?

Hair above shoulders: 100-150g in 18"/20" or 150-200g in 24"
Very thin hair that is at least shoulder length: 50-80G in 18"/20" or 100g in 24"
Thick hair, any length: 100-200g in 18"/20" or 150-200g in 24"

If you only want a little thickness or to add some fun colours/lowlights/highlights without needing length: 20-50g in any length would do depending on personal preference.