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Dream Hair by Ray Leah

#P60/8 Caramel & Blonde Mix - Flat Tip

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#8 Medium Caramel Brown mixed with #60 Platnium

Perfect shade for the strawberry blondes and those with natural shades throughout but like some highlights. Great way to add some blonde without having to colour your own hair. 

100% Remy Human Hair, Cuticle Intact
Tip: Flat Keratin Tip
Method: Hot Fusion (our personal favourite!)
Weight: 1g per strand
Amount: 50 strands per package of 1g strands

Comes in lengths 18" & 20"

What would I need?

Hair above shoulders:
100-150g in 18"/20" or 150-200g in 24"

Very thin hair that is at least shoulder length:
50-80G in 18"/20" or 100g in 24"

Thick hair, any length:
150g in 18"/20" or 150-200g in 24"

If you only want a little thickness or to add some fun colours/lowlights/highlights without needing length: 20-50g in any length would do depending on personal preference.